Radon mitigation systems are vital to reducing harmful radon gases in homes and commercial buildings. Here in Colorado, we have elevated radon levels when compared to other states. It’s important to get your home or commercial building tested to determine the levels of radon and radon decay you are exposed to. Installing a radon mitigation system should be done by a professional, and if installed correctly, the homeowner will have no worries. Here’s what you should know about Colorado’s weather and your radon mitigation system.

How a Mitigation System Works

In accordance with EPA guidelines, radon mitigation fans must be placed in either the garage or attic, or affixed to the exterior of the home. The exhaust point is then vented through the roof or around the eaves, to ensure no radon reentry into the home. We create a void at the lowest level of the home, which acts as the radon removal point. Then, we install a radon fan in-line to create a negative pressure system underneath the home’s foundation, which will draw out any radon gases. The system is routed to the home’s exterior where it can safely expel harmful radon gas.

Why is the External Pipe Open?

Some customers are concerned about rain or snow affecting or damaging their home’s radon mitigation system, but they need not worry. Our radon mitigation systems are built to handle all types of weather. The system is glued at every joint and the fan is completely sealed inline. The radon fan is also equipped with a water hardened motor. All systems are designed with a slight backslope ensuring proper drainage of rain, snow, or condensation. In most cases, there is enough air flow exiting the exhaust pipe to push any rain or snow away from the opening.

Mesh Guards

If you’re concerned about rodents, birds, or insects sneaking in through the open pipe, we use a varmint guard to cover the vent opening. This mesh netting still allows the air current to flow, but prevents any pests from entering. Mesh guards will need to be cleaned occasionally as they can trap leaves, dirt, and other sediment that may eventually cause an air block.

At Radon Gone CO, our number one priority is keeping your family safe from harmful radon levels. Our advanced mitigation systems blend effortlessly with your home and work to keep the air inside your house clean. For a free consultation, contact us today.